Command Center & The School Lunch Menu Printable

My Kitchen Command Center and School Lunch Menu Printable

I’ve showed you my kitchen before (where you can see how this fits into the kitchen), but I’ve never given the details about my Command Center Magnet Board. It has changed […]

The Year-Round Wreath

The Year-Round Wreath

I like to keep something festive on my door, but there are times when I’m not looking to celebrate something specific and just want something pretty. I am in love […]

Week 5: Kid Bedrooms {91 Day De-Clutter}

91 Day De-Clutter Week 5 -- Kid Bedrooms

Don’t throw anything at me, but I’m going to make a suggestion. Please declutter your kids’ bedrooms with them. As parents, it is our job to teach our children important […]

Teach Piano Lessons at Home {FREE Lesson Plan PRINTABLES}

Teach Piano Lessons at Home with FREE Lesson Plan Printables

Last year, I posted about teaching piano lessons at home. I had no idea that people would be so interested! I just thought I was sharing something helpful that a […]

Container Hydrangeas

Container Hydrangeas

Admittedly, when I planted Hydrangeas in the containers on my porch back at the beginning of summer, I had no idea if they would live or die. I even kept […]

Week 4: Master Bedroom Suite {91 Day De-Clutter}

91 Day De-Clutter Week 4 -- Master Suite

In my opinion, the master bedroom should be a sanctuary for every married couple. This is the most important room for me to keep clean and organized. I put pictures of […]

Stop Lying To Yourself

Do you put the pro in procrastinate

Procrastination can be a powerful tool. Sometimes I’m so busy procrastinating something I don’t want to be doing, that I get a ton of other tasks done in the meantime. […]

Week 3: Office Area {91 Day De-Clutter}

91 Day De-Clutter Week 3 -- Office Area

{Reminder: This Challenge is about getting rid of junk and clutter, not in getting each of these spaces perfectly organized and decorated. If you have time for that, so be it. […]

Bar Stool Redo

The newly finished bar stools find their home

My bar stools have bothered me for a while, not because I don’t like the style. I actually looked long and hard for super tall bar stools that had “window framing” […]

Mary’s Kitchen Table Chat Ep012

Mary's Kitchen Table Chat Series

**Remember to email me or comment here if you want to do the 28 day challenge with me! I’ll help you get setup! And just an FYI, this is the […]