Dreaming-of-Spring Cleaning!!

Chore Cheat Sheet

Get caught up with our Spring Cleaning plans HERE. Now is the time to start getting things done!! Instead of assigning you specific days to do each of these things, […]

FREE February Calendar Printable …

Monthly Calendar Download - All months

Good news! The FREE Printable for February is up. It was hard enough believing it was 2015, let alone February was a week away. No use living in denial, might as […]

Year Round Deep Cleaning: Dreaming-of-Spring Edition

Year Round Deep Cleaning - Deaming of Spring

Last Year on the blog we did a big Spring Cleaning challenge. I think one of the things that helps me find good strategies for organizing, is when something doesn’t […]

5 Ways to Plan Better

5 Ways To Plan Better

Planning is one of my favorite things, but so is getting stuff done. Today I want to share some of my tips that help me plan better so I can get […]

How To Clean The Kitchen {or How Not To Be Gross}

How Not To Be Gross

If you eat, you need to clean your kitchen every day. True story. You may have caught on that I’m blogging the basics right now. We’re in the middle of Week […]

Super Tidy!

Super Tidy - Make Messes Go Poof

The Super Tidy! I’ve been mentioning the Super Tidy all over the place, but I’ve never formally introduced the powerful, clutter and mess fighting Super Tidy. The idea started a […]

Week 2 of Cleaning and Laundry (The Keeping House Mini-Challenge)

The Keeping House Mini-Challenge - Cleaning and Laundry - Week 2

{If you’re just joining us, get caught up with more about the Challenge HERE and read about Week 1 HERE …} You probably noticed I didn’t ever post some of […]

How To Clean The Bathroom

How To Clean A Bathroom

I delayed writing this “how to” because I hoped my broken foot would be healed and I would be able to add some good pictures and videos. Turns out my […]

Week 1 of Cleaning and Laundry {The Keeping House Mini-Challenge}

The Keeping House Mini-Challenge - Cleaning and Laundry - Week 1

If you’re just joining us, read more about The Keeping House Mini-Challenge HERE before you get started. We need to catch up so we can keep up more easily. Week […]

The Keeping House Mini-Challenge

The Keeping House Mini-Challenge

Keeping House is easy … said no one ever. If you took the time to write out every little thing you do that keeps your home running, your hand would […]