How To Create A Collage Wall

How To Create A Collage Wall

My entire pregnancy, I spent about 98% of my time on the recliner in my living room. The wall opposite of my chair was my view for a long 9 […]

Update Boring Frames To Create A More Exciting Collage Wall

Update Boring Frames to create a more exciting collage wall

I have this terrible habit of waiting a long time to show you my projects! I finished my collage wall last summer!! The finished wall is probably my favorite wall […]

Hospital Delivery Packing List {updated}

hospital bag packing list

One of my most frequently viewed blog posts is about my hospital delivery packing list. I noticed that hundreds of people view that post every day, so I wanted to […]

New Landscape!!!! (Before Photos)

burlap wreath

After 2.5 years in this house, I finally convinced my husband to agree to re-doing our landscape. Notice how I never show you the front of my house? Yeah, because […]

Keep The Car Clean!

4 Strategies for Keeping the Car Clean

Have you ever heard that “we teach the things we really need to learn”? I’m doing a life class with a group of friends. Brene Brown (famous, amazing author) is […]

Spring Mini De-Clutter: Get Rid of NICE THINGS!!

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Today is the final day of our Spring edition of the Mini De-Clutter Challenge: 60 things in 6 days. It is so awesome to read and see the pictures of […]

2 Years of Crazy-Awesome

Dreaming is my favorite kind of planning

Dreaming is my favorite kind of planning! Yours too? Last week I celebrated a pretty big milestone. I have been in business for two years. Two years ago, I started […]

Mini De-Clutter Challenge (Spring Edition)! One Week & 60 Items.

Mini De-Clutter Challenge

Our last Mini De-Clutter Challenge was such a huge success that we are going for it again!! Regular De-Cluttering is the best offense against a messy and disorganized house. I’m […]

Help Your Neighbor! {a really fun family game}

Help Your Neighbor

My husband introduced me to a game that is a favorite for our family now. He played it as a kid and remembered it as a game we could easily […]

Tour My Little Girl’s Room

Tour My Little Girls Room

I had so much fun showing you my twin girls’ room last week that I thought I would show you my other little girl’s room. And I told you in […]