Earth Day 2014

Allisons Earth Day Challenge

We were driving home the other day and drove past our neighborhood park. I’m not exactly sure why, but one of my girls asked “when is the next time we […]

Mother’s Day Gift Basket Giveaway

Mother's Day Gift Giveaway Details

Today I want to do something out of the ordinary: give you a basket of some of my favorite things! And I’m not alone! I’m teaming up with a fantastic […]

Collage Wall – REVEAL!!!

My Favorite Wall - A colorful Collage

Well, it might not be everyone’s taste, but I absolutely love it. Every time I walk past it or see it, I get a little jolt of happiness. Beautiful things […]

How To Create A Collage Wall

How To Create A Collage Wall

My entire pregnancy, I spent about 98% of my time on the recliner in my living room. The wall opposite of my chair was my view for a long 9 […]

Update Boring Frames To Create A More Exciting Collage Wall

Update Boring Frames to create a more exciting collage wall

I have this terrible habit of waiting a long time to show you my projects! I finished my collage wall last summer!! The finished wall is probably my favorite wall […]

Hospital Delivery Packing List {updated}

hospital bag packing list

One of my most frequently viewed blog posts is about my hospital delivery packing list. I noticed that hundreds of people view that post every day, so I wanted to […]

New Landscape!!!! (Before Photos)

burlap wreath

After 2.5 years in this house, I finally convinced my husband to agree to re-doing our landscape. Notice how I never show you the front of my house? Yeah, because […]

Keep The Car Clean!

4 Strategies for Keeping the Car Clean

Have you ever heard that “we teach the things we really need to learn”? I’m doing a life class with a group of friends. Brene Brown (famous, amazing author) is […]

Spring Mini De-Clutter: Get Rid of NICE THINGS!!

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Today is the final day of our Spring edition of the Mini De-Clutter Challenge: 60 things in 6 days. It is so awesome to read and see the pictures of […]

2 Years of Crazy-Awesome

Dreaming is my favorite kind of planning

Dreaming is my favorite kind of planning! Yours too? Last week I celebrated a pretty big milestone. I have been in business for two years. Two years ago, I started […]