3rd Annual Declutter Challenge LINKUP

3rd Annual DeClutter Challenge - Linkups

If you are blogging about your Decluttering experience, I want to see! Please share your blog posts with all of us so we can be inspired and cheer you on! […]

Week 1 – Master Bedroom {91 Day Declutter Challenge}

Wk1 - Master Bedroom

This is the assignment for Week 1 of The 3rd Annual 91 Day Declutter Challenge. Whether you are single or married, YOUR bedroom is where you start and end your […]

March Calendar {FREE Printable}

Monthly Calendar Download - All months

Plotting your month out on a calendar helps you wrap your brain around your goals, which is especially important with the Declutter Challenge starting Monday!!! Every month, I offer a […]

Get Inspired to Declutter {Declutter Challenge: Required Reading}

3rd Annual DeClutter Challenge - Reading Homework

Read the following articles as much as you need to keep your movitation alive! Train your brain to think about your junk differently. When in Doubt, Get Rid Of It […]

91 Day Declutter Challenge – Working Around Your Life

3rd Annual DeClutter Challenge - Working Around Your Life

Work Full-time? Don’t know how to fit this in around chasing kids all day? Not much clutter? More clutter than you can handle in a week? Each week, I guide […]


Less is more

Less is more. Less to clean, less to maintain, less chaos, less standing in your way of having the home you want. More freedom, more time for the things you love, […]

How To Declutter: The Process

How To Declutter - The Process

When you’re going into a space for the purpose of decluttering, there is a system that makes it easier. Here’s my system: Step #1: Gather supplies. You’ll need the following […]

The 3rd Annual 91 Day DeClutter Challenge

3rd Annual 91 Day DeClutter Challenge

It is almost time! The 3rd Annual 91 Day Declutter Challenge starts a week from today on March 2nd!! I had no idea what I was starting three years ago. […]

Make A Plan (It’s not too late!)

CP 15-02-17

Last November I announced the opening of my Mary ORGANIZES Planner Store, which is an online planner store right here on my website. I sell digital downloads of my planners, […]

Easy Statement Art: Framed Fabric

Easy Statement Art - Framed Fabric

Another title for this blog post might be IKEA frame + leftover fabric = Super Cheap and Easy Statement Art. The idea and plans for the new art above my […]